Monday, December 23, 2013

Dice Games

Hi All,

  Had a nice visit with my cousin and her family and got in some rousing games of Zombie Dice and Cthulhu dice. Both of these games come from Steve Jackson Games and I have mentioned them before.

We have played Zombie Dice before at home and this time it was with a fairly large group. I think it was 8 people. To me this is a little too large as it slows down the game a tad. Still fun, just not as quick.


Cthulhu Dice, however, really shined. My son and I had tried to play just the two of us and it was meh. With a group of people at a party it is a ton of fun. My son also rigorously enforced the house rule of flipping your lip with your finger and gibbering when you lose your sanity. Good wholesome family fun with the Elder gods. We had several games where only Cthulhu won, and I suspect my brother's girlfriend may be an actual cultist.

Watch out for my Analogue Hobbies painting challenge entry tomorrow.


  1. Zombie dice is a fun little filler, if a bit noisy! I don't know the other one, though (and I'm *not* going to say *that* name out loud!)

    1. Thanks Hugh, yes Zombie dice is loud with all the dice rattling in the cup. I started shouting Cthulhu with every roll, trying to get the Cthulhu result.



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