Sunday, July 21, 2013

San Diego trip over the 4th of July

Sorry if this is not directly related to Gaming but there is a bit of history and militaria in this trip.

So as I mentioned in a few of the last posts, we took a family trip to San Diego California to sight see and go the Safari Park Zoo.

I took over 1000 pictures, most of them a blurry mess, which I distilled to around 270 and will show about 28 of them here. They are reduced to 20% of their actual size and I hope give the flavor of what we experienced.

First off the Museum of Man in Balboa park.

Mayan Stele
Samurai Armor

Mummies and self portrait.
Too many things to photograph. No flash allowed and I had to hustle to keep up with the kids. A very eclectic collection with some pretty interesting stuff. My wife was a party pooper and wouldn't let the kids and I go through the "Intruments of Torture" special exhibit.

The next morning we went to the Cabrillo National Monument. The site where Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo was the first European to set foot on the West coast of the US. My photos here were a little lack luster. One interesting fact they mentioned was how all the early explorers except for Hernan Cortes died while on expedition.

A sub being pushed by tugs and Coronado Naval Air Station.

Chainmail and helm in the gift shop.

Next up was the San Diego Air & Space Museum.

This time we paid extra to see the Ripley's "Believe it or not" exhibit.

Model of a galley used in the movie Ben Hur.

Alien vs. Predator motorcycle.

And then the museum proper.

WWI room

Some nice scratch builds.

Cockpit of a WWII bomber.
Perhaps I should have shared more pictures of the planes here but it gets a bit overwhelming and we've all seen planes before. It was an interesting place.

We rounded out the day with a trip to the Aircraft carrier Midway.

Entrance on the starboard side.

Tower on the flight deck

Statue in a park of the Port side.

More carriers across the harbor.
I've been putting together this post over a number of days and I'm surprised at my photo choices here a little bit. Suffice it to say the thing is huge and stuffed full of aircraft from all of the eras during which it served. I seemed to be particularly enamored with the mess hall and the XO's office. We probably should have done this one earlier in the day or on a separate day. We steam rolled through it. It was also comparatively hot that day, though still in the mid 70's.

Finally on to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido. I think I had been here once in the 80's when you could drive through in your car. We went to the Zoo and then stayed at the Zoo overnight at their Roar and Snore. It was very cool.

White Rhinos


Golden Eagle

Young Gorilla and a female.

Big Daddy.
The previous photos were during the day around the park. We next went in to the campground and had dinner, followed by a tour of some of the exhibits where we got to go behind the scenes.

Sumatran Tiger

It is quite an experience to be stalked by a tiger who is three feet away.

The Elephants came over and played in the water for us.
Unfortunately most of my night shots were garbage. My hands aren't steady enough and flash was not always a viable option. The next morning however.

One of the Cheetahs



So I would highly recommend the Roar and Snore. It appears I neglected to include the picture of the campsite, but it was fairly comfortable. They have large tents set up with 3" foam mats for bedding. You bring your own sleeping bag, pillows, etc. They even had showers there which were quite pleasant. I have no idea the cost, as everything was arranged by SWMBO. I think it is a definite stop if you made it all the way to San Diego.

To round out this very long post I'll bring your attention to some special boobs. If you are offended by such things do not proceed.

Meet Ashley Salazar.

From Ashley
She is a friend of mine from facebook. A talented photographer and model, she is also a mother and Air Force veteran.

I have been following her for several years and she is really a very interesting and hard working woman. She is the first ever Playboy Miss Social of the year, and is still actively pursuing many other print publications such as Maxim.

Check her out at her new website Ashley, you can support her if you like. You can mention me if you like, but I'm just one of thousands so she probably has no idea who I am.



  1. Wow. Seems like you had a great trip and a good time. Always like it to see a bit behind the miniatures :-)

    1. Thanks Paradox0n. It was a good time. One of the best family trips I think.

  2. Great photos of some wonderful exhibits. I've been down in S.D. a few times in the past - but never saw that museum. The Ben Hur galley must be huge. Best< Dean

    1. Thanks Dean. The Ripley thing was extra so probably isn't there all the time. That galley was huge, about 4 ft long if I remember correctly.

  3. You guys had the perfect family time. Your pics of the animals turned out quite well I think and the camp site sounds delightful.

    Your FB friend is beautiful! Does the SWMBO know about her?

    1. Thanks Anne. The camping was fun and just right for my wife in that they had food and showers.

      As for Ashley. I first friended her boyfriend, now husband, through one of those facebook games. Probably Mafia Wars. He then told me I should check out his girlfriend who was a model who was trying to promote herself. At some point she started nude modelling and making the big push to get in Playboy. I try to support her where I can but I'm friends with my Mom, Sister-in-law and wife's Uncle on there so I don't go overboard with liking pictures or voting in various lingerie contests. I think she may be aware but it is don't ask don't tell.

      I have little to no contact with Ashley other than to occasionally show support and ask for her permission to promote her website on this blog.

      Give it to me straight Anne. Am I in trouble?

  4. Great photos Sean, the Ben Hur boat looked pertty cool, as did your facebook pal!!!!!

  5. Great photos, I especially liked the animal shots. Terribly disappointed by the use of boobs though, I really took a very long time indeed looking at the picture and trying to discern some artistic merit but it was just pure titillation. I mean, I am prepared to go back for another look of course to double check. Maybe her website will give me a better idea. ;)

    1. Thanks Paul. Just be careful who is looking over your shoulder as you conduct your research.

  6. Awesome pictures, all of them! And both the aircraft carrier and zoo trips must have been great!

  7. great pictures that statue on the dock is huge, great holiday
    Peace James

    1. Thanks James. I wish we had gone down to look at it, but it was a long day.

  8. Stunning photographs, all of them; although I may now be in trouble for clicking on the link to you delightful friend! ;)

    1. Thanks Michael. I wait until everyone is out of the room before clicking the link.



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