Thursday, July 25, 2013

Heraldry on a rainy day

Well, I'm on a short trip with my Mom and kids to sight see around Northern Arizona. We had plans to see Meteor Crater, Walnut Canyon, Sunset Crater and Wupatki National monument.

The only problem is my daughter came down with something. So my mom son and some teenage cousins are out while we sit in the hotel watching cartoon network and fiddling around with Talomir Heraldry.

I hope they aren't getting too wet as it is pouring rain outside the hotel right now.

On to the heraldry.

I have to fight out a battle between two armies I do not have, so I was going to make paper counters for Stygustan (Egyptian) and Tropilium (Imperial Roman). So of course I need something to differentiate the counters.

The scarab is from by johnny automatic. I just colored in the wings. The Faces I had from Free Heraldry Clipart and then I added the Tau Rho (for Tropilium) as a riff off of the Chi Rho of late Roman iconography. Of course there is also a Tau Rho christian symbol but none of them worked for me. The font is Atene from Dafont.

Next Tropilium had a bunch of mercenaries and conquered nation units. For the North Tropilium unit I just kept the same design and noted it in the name and stats of the unit. They also had Riata Warriors and Hykar Cavalry fighting for them. So first we need to come up with heraldry for those nations.

Again fairly simple, three colors for the Savage head for Riata. For Hykar I wanted Centaurs I don't really like the graphic, but it was quick. To differentiate mercenaries I added a sinister bend.

At first I had put the bend on top, but that looked crappy. I also noticed when making the images for this post that I'd missed coloring a sliver on the left. Oops.

Finally Tropilium also has the Black Company in its employ. Since the Black and White Companies are rivals so I thought that they should be a mirror of each other. Since John Hawkwood was the commander of the actual white company I used his arms and made both.

So that is what I've been doing over the last few days. The units for the Stygustan army are printed out and read to cut from 110lb. cardstock. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to print out the Tropilium army.

Id like to welcome new followers to the blog as well. I've followed quite a few blogs of late and they have been kind enough to reciprocate.

DeanM of WAB Corner painting up and fielding some beautiful WHFB armies. Even his quick paintjobs look really sharp.

John of Band of Wargame Brothers gorgeous looking 28mm figures and terrain. I need to have more of a look around this one.

Edwin King whom I'm guessing writes Thoughts of a depressive diplomatist. You friend profile doesn't have a link and you don't appear to be named on the blog itself. But a quirky and interesting blog none the less.

Chris Stoeson another person with no blog link. If you have a blog please let me know and I'll post a link. of Wargames Odds and Ends, looks like a good blog with scenarios for sale. Again I'll have to investigate further.

Crazy Joe or Gary as he is now calling himself ;) writes Happy Valley another unique blog with opinions to spare. It was actually his review of Tony Harwood's book that helped it achieve critical mass and push me to buy it.

laughingferret of Laughing Ferret Lab who wrote a very insightful post about that lame article bashing wargamers in the telegraph.

That's all for now.


  1. Hmmm.... That is odd. My link should have come through. Anyway it is



    1. Thank you Chris. I put in your link and am now following you.

  2. Nice heraldy!


  3. Nice looking heraldry and what better way to spend a wet, sodden day. I hope the weather has cooled of significantly for you guys.

    You'll love the Ferret. I've been following him since before I began painting. He's so cool and you'll find yourself buying figures you'd never thought you would. It happens to all of us, don't fight it, just open your wallet.

    1. Thanks Anne, the rain and the gain in elevation has cooled us off quite a bit.

      As for figure buying, my resolve is already weakening.

  4. hope your daughter feels better soon, some good heraldry there and some great bloggers joining your blog too
    Peace James

  5. Thanks James. She seems to be doing better and has gotten her appetite back.

    I think many of those blogs were recommended by you or Loki.

    1. Good to hear she's starting to feel better, damn fine bloggers added as well and some lovely clean work on the heraldry Sean!

  6. They look rather splendid my good man, hope the little one is feeling brighter soon.

    1. Thanks Michael. She seemed to perk up last night and we went out to dinner.

  7. Thanks for the welcome.

    You've got my blog right (and thanks for the nice comments about it). I can't get my head around the Google profiles - it should have the Thoughts of a Depressive Diplomatist there and the ToaDD should have 'posted by Edwin King'...

    1. You're welcome Edwin. I can't remember how I got my profile to display my blog, but I do remember that it was not intuitive. As for your name not displaying, it is weird.

    2. Rather blog on my profile. Need more coffee.



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