Saturday, May 11, 2013

Greetings from Vegas

No gaming today, at least not with little men.

We're in Las Vegas to celebrate Mothers Day and went to uncorked last night.

Had some good food and drink. Many good dishes, for some reason I remember Gordon Ramsey's take on pork and beans on toast.

Celebs we saw. Robin Leach, someone spilled red wine all over his white pants. Ken Jong, the Asian guy from the Hangover movies. Morimoto and Ramsey.

My brother in law texted his sister and she said he was full of shit. No pictures you see.

So 100 vendors, food and beverage. I don't remember all that I drank but the Oro do Milano beer that I spilled was good and the Pyrat Rum punch was good to. Pyrat is the official Rum of this blog.

Afterwards we played video roulette and I won $21.50 woohoo! I'm such a high roller.


  1. It was not you that spilled the drink on Robin Leach, now was it? His lawyers want to know.

    1. No but I almost spilled my beer on my wife. That mad me has sad:(

  2. You surely celebrated Mother's Day a bit different than I did :) For me it was only coffee and cake and a leisure time.

    Vegas is a city I definitely have to go some time. Always seems to be a wild site.

    1. Vegas is fun. Unfortunately I never went there before I was married and had kids, so I'm sure I missed out on the full naughty potential.



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