Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome Followers

Some of the blogs I follow have a nice feature where they say hello to new followers and plug that followers blog at the end of their posts. I do not have many followers, or posts, but I have been remiss in extending this courtesy and would like to take this opportunity to make ammends.

Dan from The Command Tent has a nice blog which has focused on Dark Age skirmish gaming of late. Dan and I seem to share a lot of interests and after reading his blog I decided to start collecting 1/72 and blogging about it. This in turn led to Dan switching to 28mm (Doh!).

Paul of Paul's Bods needs no introduction. His site is full of fantastic painting, modeling and photography. I find myself ever excited by the possibilities and humbled by the skill that he presents on his page.

Ray of Don't Throw a 1 throws in a lot of history with his posts. His tastes are very ecclectic and his painting is also top notch. He also posts some very nice battle flags. I like the viking ones especially.

Paul of the Man Cave first caught my interest with his Dark Age campaign. I found the Age of Blood rule set through him and have attempted to start my own campaign. He also is currently playing a lot of Blood Bowl, which has piqued my interest. He is also a fellow brewer. Skal!

Dale of Dale's Wargames has several blogs but this one has a lot of interesting game theory and batrep analysis. He got me dangerously close to playing Flames of War but I still can't take the plunge.

Rodger of Rebel Barracks captured my interest with photos of his Viking Raid game and I've stayed because of the great painting and scenery he posts.

Wardy-La of Gjallarhorn offers more great Dark Age inspiration. I love his Viking horde.

Lorenzo Calvi just recently joined. I'm afraid I don't see your blog. I too did not, and may still not, have google friend connect setup to show my blog. I may need to send you an email to find out yours. His blog is Zerloon Place. He has some good painting tips and lots of photos. It seems that the Two Hour Wargames bug has bitten him as well, an interesting looking Zombie game. I need to play with the other titles some more first, but ATZ is on my list.

Peter Bonami also just recently joined. I am also not sure if you have a blog. I see you are friends with Paul of Paul's Bods, could you be from Peter's Cave? Yes I see that is the case. Another great site. Fantastic painting and very original figures.

Well that's all for now. Welcome all, and I hope to have posts that are worthy of a following. In the future I will acknowledge followers as I see them.

*[Edited to look like I can complete a thought, and again to add Lorenzo's blog]


  1. Thanks for the shout out and the kind words.

    Hope you still aren't bitter over the scale switching :)

  2. @Dan No not at all. It was just ironic. Sort of like every time I moved to a town where Jason Kidd played. He was traded within a year. Just a coincidence but I started to get a complex. Good gaming ideas are not scale dependent.

  3. Strange, indeed.

    Well, thank for the welcome, my blog is

  4. Thanks for the mention and the pointers to other blogs. I myself look through the other blogs followers follow too. Great that you can highlight some and why.

    Keep resisting Flames of War. It is fun, but expensive if you fall in too deep. :^)

  5. Thanks for the mention Sean. This is a really nice idea that I noticed on Pauls Bods blog too.



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