Wednesday, May 29, 2019

My OWAC2 post for May

Hi All,

Just a quick post because I've been terrible about blogging this month.

I finished a couple of figures and posted them over at the Old World Army Challenge here. You should really take a look at all the entries, but if you only have time for one you owe it to yourself to take a look at Tom's Dwarves.

Anyway, here's my guys.

My leader, Zazad the Eternal (thanks random name generator), and the standard bearer for my skeleton troops.

Death, from Skull and Crown's Triumph of Death, came with two arm options.

I wasn't able to decide on the arm options so I tried magnetizing. It worked more or less. I also inadvertently changed the head position after breaking his head off before even prepping him.

I last minute decided to give him a sword after looking at the box art.

My posing has left him a tad unbalanced so he needs to be placed carefully to not fall forward and to the right.

June is going to be hectic, so we'll see if I can get the last two units done, in addition to my BOYL and local gaming projects.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Inspired work, they look wonderful...and scary!


  3. I like these figures, you have painted them well.

  4. I've really struggled not to pick up the triumph of death stuff. Lovely figs in that range. I quite like how your figs have turned out. The horse looks a bit less 'juicy' than I'd imagine, but of course death would be on a pale horse....

    1. Thanks Dave B. After I primed it the horse didn't look so juicy zombie to me. I wasn't thinking about it at the time but it reminds me of Napoleon's horse that's on display at his tomb, if I remember correctly. Essentially skin and bones. I highly recommend the Triumph of Death line, especially the character type models.



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